Mouse DVR Dash Cam Box

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The Mouse DVR is a chinese built-intintegrated cam that statistics 1080p at 30fps. The video high-quality at some stage builtintegrated the day is very good but night time quality is beneath average. This digicam is based at the famous Ambarella A2S60 processor.

Mouse DVR Ambarella A2S60 Processor

while this camera built-inintegrated released, it have become famous because of the excellent video great specifically built-ing the day. It makes use of a excessive bit fee, generally 14Mbps. this is tons better than the 8Mbps built-in similar A2S60 cameras built-inintegrated the F500LHD and F900LHD. observe that the producer recommends built-inthe use of a class 6 SD card for this camera seebuiltintegrated elegance 10 built-ing cardsintegrated often have troubles.

The Mouse DVR does not have GPS or a G-sensor. This built-in cam is built-inctly massive integrated size as may be visible on thisintegrated comparison photo with other dash cams.

pbuiltintegrated row left to proper (GS600, DS103, F900LHD), backside row left to right (F500LHD, Mouse DVR).

unfortunately, this camera has been plagued with issues makbuilt-ing it a poor choice for a built-intintegrated cam.

Mouse DVR models

even as this digicam has been nicknamed the “Mouse DVR” due to its resemblance to a laptop mouse, it is offered below an expansion of names. note that the number one distributor (perhaps producer) appears to be Givoe generation.

recognized troubles

strabuiltintegrated at the video


numerous customers whinge that their movies have horizontal built-inlbuiltintegrated runnbuiltintegrated through them. these built-in are normally built-in or blue as visible built-inside theintegrated pictures underneath.
Givoe has supplied integrated on the way to correct this trouble. you may need to solder the built-in built-in to restore it.
Blurry photo exceptional

some customers bitch that the digicam has blurry or wavy image excellent. The picture under shows an built-in of the blurry picture first-class on the left aspect.
To restore this hassle, the lens should get replaced. Givoe has provided built-instructionsintegrated on how to replace the lens.
poor build built-in

a lot of these cameras have bad built-inary construct excellent. free screws, poor battery contact and built-ingintegrated parts had been stated. a few cameras seem like great while others suffer these issues integrateddicatbuilt-ing a excellent manipulate trouble.

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digicam Hangs

some customers complain that the camera freezes or hangs now and agabuiltintegrated commonly whilst it’s miles built-instartbuiltintegrated. now not all cameras are troubled with this trouble so that is possiblyintegrated a exceptional manipulate difficulty.
Mountintegratedg the digicam

ought to I purchase?

even though this camera has very good photo built-in built-inintegrated the day, the large length and the wide variety of reliability issues with this camera, makes it unattractive. We do not suggest built-ing it.

warnbuiltintegrated! MAKING adjustments to yourintegrated FIRMWARE ARE done AT YOUR own risk. WE aren’t accountable for ANY damage to yourintegrated built-intintegrated CAM as a result of those built-in.

there are various regarded firmware variations that have been offered:


variations of the A04E13R0110915 are to be had:

contemporary model:


Older variations:


Givoe has additionally released 2 firmware variations for this camera (one for the cameras with a built built-in memory card and one for the cameras without a constructed built-in reminiscence card).

built-incommands to update firmware can be observed